Introducing Mark Hayden

It's hard for manufacturers to focus on innovation when the daily grind takes over. That's when they look for someone with industrial design and CAD skills. Someone that sounds remarkably like Mark...

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Business advice for your start-up

In our regular blog 'SDW Investigates' we take a look at sources of advice, guidance, funding and support for entrepreneurial businesses. Simple guidance to help get your design idea to market...

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What is crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding campaigns give anyone with a good idea the opportunity to raise capital without having to go to the bank. But what do you need to know? We demystify this method of project funding...

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Introducing Caitlin McCulloch

Caitlin's Masters degree isn't the only thing that is first class about her. With an abundance of engineering skills matched with creative design, it's clear she has considerable talent...

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