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We offer a service that covers conceptual design all the way through to putting your idea out into the market. Our dynamic team has expertise in many disciplines, with backgrounds in mechanical engineering, electronics, and product design, giving us the capabilities to tackle most product enquiries.

As a consultancy, we love hearing about fresh and exciting ideas, whatever stage you may be in the process. Whether it’s exploring the aesthetics and form of the product, turning your idea into a 3D model, creating a brand identity or performing a detailed analysis in preparation for manufacture, we will develop your idea to its greatest potential.

Our consultancy is built on relationships and reputation among local businesses. As we grow, we want to continue building those relationships with new clients, ensuring they feel comfortable and confident when designing with us.

Meet The Team

  • Kristo Shivachev Director
    Kristo Shivachev

     Kristo is a highly experienced Design Engineer. His passion for engineering and design drives him to push the boundaries of each product, until a good concept becomes a successful product. In his spare time, Kristo’s life revolves around fixing what his son breaks and looking after his young daughter. He also enjoys cycling, swimming and tennis.

  • Richard Sutherland Principal Engineer
    Richard Sutherland

     Richard is an Industrial Designer with 25 years of experience within the manufacturing industries. He clarifies project briefs, manages the design team and helps to steer exciting concept ideas into production friendly products. He doesn’t have any spare time, he fills it by restoring cars, kayaking and building… stuff.

  • Alex Hardisty Senior Product Designer
    Alex Hardisty

     Alex is a creatively driven product designer who is passionate about design. His love of problem solving and keen eye for detail has lead him to excel in the concept visualization and development, using his sketching and rendering abilities to bring designs to life. Outside of the studio, Alex enjoys mountain biking and spends most of his weekends travelling.

  • Phil Bridge Product Designer
    Phil Bridge

     Phil has practiced various disciplines within design over the last six years and in numerous locations from Stockholm to Singapore. His wide-ranging experience makes him perfect for any design job from complex CAD to video editing and branding. He is known to emote his interest for techno, maybe a bit too much for others!

  • Lewys Webber Product Designer
    Lewys Webber

     Lewys holds a first class degree in creative product design and is an impressive all-around designer, offering a broad range of skills and know-how from ideation to fabrication. His strengths include surface modelling, Prototyping and problem solving. He originally came aboard to surface model the Guy Martin Transit van, which he helped us complete.

  • Jack Whitefoot Industrial Engineer
    Jack Whitefoot

     Jack is an Industrial Designer. His excitement for design has given him a keen eye for detail and a creative mentality. He loves all aspects of design, and is particularly skilled at complex 3D modelling. In his spare time Jack designs and 3D prints trophies for events all around the country, making him our in house 3D printing wizard.

  • Coby Foster CAD Engineer
    Coby Foster

     As well as being a whizz on several CAD systems, he is also our in house IT problem solver. If there’s a shortcut to make the mundane less mundane, then Coby has or will find the answer. In his spare time he enjoys travelling and playing football. He also has the softest hair known to mankind.

  • Alan Clarke Patent Attorney
    Alan Clarke

     Alan is a Chartered and European Patent Attorney with over 15 years' experience in IP, specialising in patent prosecution. His technical knowledge was derived from working in the defence field for several years before entering the world of IP.

  • Suzie White Office Manager
    Suzie White

     Suzie White has strong connections to Herefordshire and enjoys the outdoors. She studied a HNC in Business at Dundee College and applies her skills to her role within Simple Design Works as Office Manager. As well as having two small children she also contributes her spare time helping a local charity called Mercia Accident Rescue Service.

  • Dasha Berezka Accountant
    Dasha Berezka

     Dasha is our Accountant. A goldmine of serious endeavour, and always positive. She keeps the financial side of things on track without troubling the design team with cash flow, invoicing, the cost of marker pens etc., in order for them to focus on what they do best… developing creative solutions.

  • Sparky 3D Printer

     Sparky is the nickname given to our most temperamental but also our hardest working member of the team. He is often the one working through the night and at weekends to produce prototypes to test out our ideas. On a bad day, it is known to bury its print head in a blob of molten plastic.



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